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Small Builder’s and Sub Contractors’ Pre-Legal Process
(getting the facts)
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Building Remedy Orders

The SAT and the Courts

CCA (2004) Adjudication

No builder should have debtors more than 14 days past the due date.


Building Disputes cost Australians over $7 billion (yes billion) every year.

Imagine how many jobs that could create and I don’t just mean in the Public Sector.

Don’t become part of this statistic.

You can’t afford it.

A difficult client, a slow payer may be warning signs of a potential and costly (for both parties) building dispute. We started as a Debt Recovery Service and morphed into a Dispute Resolution Solution provider.

So you’ve received an email from your client requesting a site meeting with their independent expert who has compiled a report. or maybe you’ve received a BRO in the mail. Before calling a lawyer and committing yourself to a $10K deposit, let’s look at the facts.

Is the work faulty and unsatisfactory and if so, to what extent?

Maybe you can remedy any concerns and complete the project fairly smoothly.

Or maybe you are planning fixing all the trivial things at the end. (does your client know that)

You say a day or two (or when you receive your overdue payment) but your client’s expert who compiled the report says there is much work required that could be costly.

So who’s right?

We can assess the job and advise accordingly. (The assessment will be evidence if required later on and avoids the need for lengthy meditations)

It’s important to maintain control. Don’t just dismiss the notice and think it is silly. That maybe the case but to your client who paid for the report it isn’t.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Often differences can be sorted at the 1st site meeting if both parties are co-operative however if you have come to despise each other it takes a little longer.

Having had a career in the Construction Industry where people are paid for the result and not for the time taken, a quick resolution is the goal.

Non-Construction people are used to being paid by the hour and don’t have any sense of urgency. I’ve heard the arguments that they need to be thorough and take their time, but in this technological age, information is available in milliseconds.

A simple MS Project illustrating what is going to happen and when by, is often all that is needed to keep the project on track.


On the right (or below for mobiles) is a small sample of projects I have supervised unlike some experts who compile reports.

Some aren’t even Registered Builders or members of the AIB heaven forbid!

A good starting point is a site meeting where we can get the facts.

It’s amazing how much clearer things seem when they are written down.

For the basic consultation including an MS Project of what it will take and how long to complete the project.

Often this is all that is required to get paid and get things back on track.

If not, you will be well prepared.