The Problem 1
The Problem 2

The Problem

90% of any dispute avoidance / resolution process is defining the problem. Sometimes a client is experiencing pain from something completely unrelated but uses the building process as a vehicle to vent their emotions. Building problems are easily overcome. A simple way to present any problems and any fixes is a simple MS Project clearly outlining a concern and when it will be attended to.

The Problem 3

In the illustration above a couple of defects at the brickwork stage not holding up the works can be easily attended to later. The client may not want to pay their walls erected claim until it is attended to, but they also don’t want any delays which is what would occur if you sent the roof carpenter away and called back the bricklayer. We’ve all had the client who doesn’t want to pay their walls claim because a nib wall to the shower has not been built!

 MS Project (if your not using it) can clearly show the nib wall is built by the tiler.

Anyway what would you know?


You are only a builder whereas the client is a qualified primary school teacher.


The Problem 4

Getting Paid and Moving On

Remind you

          of anyone?

The Problem 5