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Once any problems are written down they all seem so trivial and one can wonder what it was all about. Any defects can be attended to in the normal course of the project.

If things are getting out of hand we can meet on site and go through any concerns and the best way forward. One of the biggest problems builders face are so called independent reports prepared by non-builders. Purveyors of fine evidence.

Don’t dismiss the report merely because it has been prepared by a non building professional. Don’t forget that at this stage they are the client’s agent and you don’t want another fire to put out. Acknowledge the report and attend to any defects that may be necessary. If there is a broad statement like a trade has not been done to AS XYZ 123 ask how it is so?

 At all costs avoid the Building Commission

BRO’s are issued by ex-police sometimes without regard to the BC inspector and an appeal is a long process at the SAT.

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